Monday, July 19, 2010

Our crazy life!

Hello everyone! A lot has been happening to us lately. Jason and I have finally gotten all of our stuff from North Carolina to Utah. Yay! Jason and I are both currently looking for jobs. I recently worked for Taco Time but left after getting offered another job elsewhere that ended up falling through, so I am once again actively looking. Jason has a few really good perspective jobs that we are crossing our fingers will work out for us.
I have decided that I am going to really work on Jason and I sticking to a strick budget so we can save up to build our dream home. We will start on little goals like paying off our current car loan allowing us to use that money to pay ourselves instead of someone else.
One of my other goals is to get back into couponing hardcore to help us get a really good stockpile of supplies and thus saving even more money.
I will try to update each week at least how our budget is going and our savings. The only bad thing is is that we are still trying to find a job so this will take a little bit to help us get going on the saving money part. However, I believe that God put this situation in front of us to try and help us better take care of our financial situation and to help us control our crazy spending.

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