Friday, July 30, 2010

Our Family 'mini' Vacation

Wednesday was Jason's 32nd birthday so we decided to take a little trip to Mesquite for two days with a coupon that we got in the Dixie Direct book for two free nights. When we first got there and I checked us in I asked the clerk if they had any specials for birthdays. They clerk told me they don't normally but to ask the other areas of the casino but he would give us a couple of things for us anyways. The clerk ended up giving us a bogo coupon for bowling and 100 tickets at the arcade. A few minutes later Jason went to the promotional counter and asked the same question and was able to get us each $5 on our cards.
The next morning when we got up we went to go get breakfast and got our meal for FREE, only paying the tip, by using our rewards card. In all we ended up spending around $100 for a family get away for two days mostly paying for food, bowling, the arcade and a little bit of gambling (only $40). It was a fun filled two days that I hope my husband will remember! I know JJ sure will because he got to go bowling for the first time.

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