Monday, July 19, 2010

Save $1569.50 in one year!

Today was a good day for us I only spent $4.55 and that was for some drinks. However, I think that I need to not buy drinks while we are out and instead bring the drinks with us. Think about how much money that is if I bought 5 dollars worth of drinks everyday for a year that would be $1,825! That is a lot of money! Instead I could drink water, koolaid, or some other drink that I could get cheap or even free with my coupons. Say koolade, which runs $.20 a pack on average plus the cost of sugar about $3.00 (I am not sure on cost just a guess) for a 5 lb. bag there are 10 servings in a 5 lb bag. Which equals out to $.50 per cup of sugar or .$70 for one 2 gallon of koolaid. If that pither of koolaid lasted my family of 3 one day we would spend $255.50 in one year. That would be a savings of $1569.50! That is without even thinking about using coupons to get a better deal on the koolaid.

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