Friday, May 29, 2009

My little boy is getting so BIG!

JJ is getting so big and his personallity is really coming out. First thing in the morning after I take him out of his crib he will run around the house and into mommy and daddy's bedroom and look to see if daddy might still be in bed. He will stand by the edge of the bed and will look and yell dadda. Several times I have gone into his room in the morning or after nap time to find JJ without a diaper on and he will be in the crib smiling and laughing.
JJ loves animals and when he see's an animal he will bark at the animal no matter what kind of animal it is. I am going to take JJ to the Lazy 5 Ranch in Mooresville (North Carolina) probably in two weeks. For those that don't live around here and now what the Lazy 5 Ranch is it is a place where the animals (zebras, pigs, peacocks, deer, ostriches, etc...) run around the park freely while you drive in your car or you can choose to do a hay ride and you can pet the animals and also feed the animals. My mom and I went a few days before JJ was born and had lots of fun. JJ and I will have to be careful not to feed the zebras because the get greedy and will try to steal the feed bucket out of your hands.
I am very happy that JJ is not a picky eater like his mom. JJ will eat anything that you put in front of his face. He will eat collard greens, beets, brussel sprouts, spinach, tomatoes, asparagas and lots of other stuff. The only thing he does not like that we have gave him is pickles and cantalope. I will keep trying with those though and we don't use the words "you don't like that".


63angel said...

He is such a cute little man. Yeah it was pretty cool. Meaning the zoo. I agree, you shouldn't feed the Zebras, that was a bad bad dea. They are way too pushy and should be called pigs,lol.

JenJen said...

He is such a cutie Jess. Zuriah so for she likes a lot of we feed except green beans unless she doesn't relize she is eating it. Give him lots of love from us.