Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Grocery Savings This Week

I spent 15.73 on this transaction and saved 51.87

I paid 17.02 for all of this and saved 47.02 on this transaction

This was not actually 38.54 I didn't get credit for my coupons as
double or triples. The store refunded me 21.90 so I paid 16.64 for all of this
food and saved 44.21 on this order.

Harris Teeter offered triple coupons this weekend for up to 99¢ face value. I went to Harris Teeter a total of seven times I spent 200.74 but I saved 314.34 without my coupons and vic card I would have spent 515.08! The price that I actually paid also includes 6 gallons of milk (for one week- JJ and Jason drink a lot of milk), butter, 2 packages of bacon, sour cream, cheese and eggs which I did not have coupons for any of that. I am going to go to wal-mart and CVS tomorrow and see what kind of deals that I can find. I didn't take pictures of all the food that I bought but I have a few pictures that I took.

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