Saturday, January 24, 2009

I am wore out!

In my attempt to get healthy Jason and I decided to buy a wii along with a wii fit. Let me tell you that thing is awesome! I worked out on that thing for an hour today and it was actually fun. My favorite exercise on the game is the step aerobics that is so much fun. After you unlock a couple of the activities you are able to do the step aerobics while you watch your regular tv shows. I think Nintendo was very smart on making the wii system to help people like me finally get off of our butts to get a daily workout in and making it a fun experience. I have found that the only downfalls to the wii are that some of the games that would interest my husband (Nascar 09 and World Series of Poker) are not available for the wii. However the system is for me to workout so that is not a big deal. Now if my husband would only buy me my exercise equipment that I am wanting (a nice treadmill, elliptical machine and exercise bike).

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