Friday, March 27, 2009

My trip to Utah

I just got back from my month long vacation in St. George, Utah. It was nice to be able to visit with my family and friends but I am happy to be home sleeping in my own bed. My trip didn't start off to well. I flew into Las Vegas from Charlotte and had a layover in Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX on American Airlines. The people in Dallas somehow lost my stroller when I gate checked it and left it at the location that they told me to leave it at. Then when I arrive in Las Vegas and they told me that my stroller was lost they asked me if I would like a wheelchair to use to haul around my carryon luggage and a 16 month old baby. Are you kidding me? How are they expecting me to manuever a wheelchair and a 16 month old at the same time. I flew into Vegas on the 17th of February and I still haven't seen my stroller or any compensation as of yet. Then while I was there JJ and I both got sick. We both had the flu and JJ got an ear infection and after I finally got rid of the flu I went to the ER with a bladder infection that moved into my kidneys and now I have the cold. What a month. Besides all the being sick and such I did have fun but am happy to be home.

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63angel said...

I felt bad for you and JJ. You never get sick, and you seem to have made up for it here. It was nice having you here and we miss the sound of JJ. Although the screaming I don't miss. But I know the dogs miss him alot and all the treats he fed them, lol.

On the stoller subject, have you heard from them. I would call them if you dont hear anything soon. But I love you and I will let you get to cleaning and we will get to packing. The people behind us, that are in our house to be, are finally moving out today and that is a plus since your dad is going out again on Monday, Love ya and kiss JJ for me.