Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Saving My Pennies!

So I have been going to this mommy forum for a little bit and have been seeing how much money these women save by clipping coupons and using VIP cards at local grocery stores so I have decided to give it a shot. I have been gone to Harris Teeter a couple of times and before I started to clip coupons I use to think that they were high priced then I heard how much stuff you can get on little money. Harris Teeter is one of the grocery stores in my area that doubles coupons upto .99 face value and occasionally triples coupons. The weekend of January 2nd I went to Harris Teeter 5 times and over a course of my trips I spent 212.82 but I saved 261.43 using a combination of coupons (which were triple coupons that weekend hence the 5 trips) and using my vic card. Today I went to Grocery Shopping and my original total was 219.?? and I left spending 152.27. Then yesterday I went to CVS and got a package of pampers (40 count) and a box of hair dye and my total before hand was 22.48 but I spent 5.42 and received 2 dollars in extra care bucks (ecb's*). Today my trip to CVS was better I purchased 2 reese whipps, 2 hair dyes, and two eye shadows my total before my cvs card and coupons was 37.74 but I left spending only 1.73 out of pocket (oop) and received 2 dollars in ecb's so an actual profit of .27 cents.

*ECB's- CVS coupon that you can spend on anything in the store except for a few select items.

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