Saturday, August 21, 2010

Argh.... This woman drives me NUTS!!!!

Last night my mom and I went into my aunt's room to see if my shoes might have shown up in her room that I am needed for work. When my mom and I went into there she and I decided to look at her clothes hanging up in the closet because we were noticing that she has been wearing our clothes. When we looked in there we saw 5 to 10 of my shirts in there some of them I just bought a week or two ago. Then I also found that my brand new never been worn "when I lose 4 more inches jeans" were in her closet as well that she got out of my closet.
So this morning as I was exiting my bedroom and she was leaving the bathroom by my room she asked me if I happened to find her jeans in my room. I told her "no, but I found a lot of my clothes in your room". So we were argueing for about 5 minutes and she told me that we have a lot of the same clothes and they were hers. YA RIGHT!!! She later went to my mom and told her that I went into her room and took her clothes. My mom asked her "why would you have size 2x in your closet?".
Thankfully the woman hasn't talked to me all day. I couldn't be happier for that it has been a relatively quite day around the house with her not talking to me or really anyone for that matter. Maybe she will eventually move out and then I can really celebrate and through a party.
Excuse me for my unchristianly way of thinking but I don't appreciate someone taking my stuff and bold face lying to me and trying to turn the story around to make me seem like I am in the wrong.
Luckily, I will be away from the woman for a month and hopefully she will come to her senses and be moved out by the time I get back from Texas. It is a bittersweet trip to Texas, the good is I get away from her and the bad is that I will be away from my most wonderful son JJ. Talk to you all soon.

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Sandie said...

Isn't life on the farm or should I say FUNNY FARM just way too much fun for one person...