Monday, May 20, 2013

New Shed

So, we have lived in our new house for just about a month and I am still in the process of unpacking.  My mom and my husband have been giving me a hard time about unpacking but I want to make sure everything is in its proper place (or I am just being a slacker), haha. We have undertaken one really big project so far and have it almost completed. We have been paying $80 for a storage unit for the last 3 years and now that we have a home we want to eliminate that monthly bill. Jason has so willingly built us a storage shed in our backyard. He has built this thing on his own without buying any plans or a kit. This shed is looking really good and it is really sturdy. Here are the pictures of the progress of the shed.
This is Jason trying level the blocks for the foundation. 

 He is putting the frame up for the walls on the shed. 

Here he is putting on the roofing. 

The roofing is complete. 
We still have a few more trim pieces that need to go up but the end is in sight. 

Jason with JJ showing off the new shed. 

I think our next project is going to be the living room and entry. This should be fun. 

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