Tuesday, May 20, 2008

JJ Update

I'm happy to say that JJ started crawling on Saturday. We laid out a blanket on our living room floor so he wouldn't hurt is little head on the hardwood floors. Jason and I decided to put his favorite toy on the blanket opposite of JJ and he got so excited about his toy that he went to it. Jason and I were so excited! JJ is doing a great job of crawling. Now that JJ figured out how to crawl he keeps trying to go straight to the entertainment center. JJ also receintly figured out how to use his walker and chases the dog around the house laughing at the dog. Poor Mickey!

JJ is getting so big. He babbles all day long what sounds like to use as momma and dadda we like to think that is what he is saying. We are so pleased that the Lord has blessed us with this little bundle of joy.

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63angel said...

What a blessing he is indeed. He is so sweet. I'm proud to call him my grandson :)